Premiere: Born In Flamez’s video tackles airport security surveillance


Berlin-based artist Born In Flamez released seven-track EP ‘Impossible Love’ on Infinite Machine back in June, a release which ‘questions the restrictions and tactics of queer love in the current climate,’ the accompanying press release states.

We’re pleased to premiere the video for the second single, ‘Body 2 Mind’ below, which sees a 3D rendering of the airport security process, including floating body scanners and endless mazes of rope queueing systems.

Born In Flamez explains that the video is: “inspired by the rudimentary aesthetics of instructions videos at airport security checkpoints. Systems of surveillance permeate our everyday lives, from travel to love. What could be a better symbol for the dissolved dichotomy of private/public than the body scanner?

The images of our naked „scanned“ bodies are stored on some unknown servers in obscure places (– accidentally they might end up on the same harddrive that also has our credit card information or our grind:r profile).

With the body scanner image – every non conformity – disability – even religious convictions will be registered and stored. The extent of invasion of privacy (naked to the bone) that has been introduced by the body scanner exceeds all other measures invading public spaces ( like facial recognition etc.) They are gates to a new level of control.

In the ‘Body 2 Mind’ video the The Scanners are allegories they function like normative gates. In the video only gender conforming people can pass. Whatever gender they chose for themselves, it can only operate in their fantasy.”

It’s certainly food for thought – check out the video below.


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