Premiere: Arc In Round – Spirit (King Britt remix)

The Hyperdub producer gives a sparse new feel to the Philapdelphia band's upbeat single.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Arc In Round are a band from Philadelphia who make richly-textured, light and elegant pop music; DJ and producer King Britt also happens to come from Philadelphia, and so the solidarity between the two is shown in the form of this careful, considered remix.

‘Spirit’, taken from Arc In Round’s debut album, is originally a happy tune full of rolling guitars and soft-voiced, layered melodies. In his precise rework, King Britt imbues the track with a new, beeping melancholy, stringing the tune over a willowy electronic backdrop and morphing the vocal into a slower, more gut-wrenching version of itself.

Listen exclusively at Dummy.

Arc in Round – Spirit (King Britt remix) by goldestegg

La Société Expéditionnaire released Arc In Round’s self-titled debut LP on the 26th June 2012.

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