Premiere : American Royalty – Honey & Queen

Hear the first track from the offbeat LA three piece's new EP.


Hailing from Los Angeles, American Royalty are an offbeat pop band who aren’t averse to having fun whilst recording, seeing the potential to play around in the studio to get the most out of it. A low-slung, percussive start kicks off Honey & Queen, gradually building up and breaking out. It’s all about the payoff at the end – it’s definitely not one for the ‘skimmers’. We asked the group a bit about their own creative process.

“We made Honey & Queen in a studio in Alhambra (outside of Los Angeles). The song is rhythmically driven, so for us the percussion sounds were critical. Rather than picking and choosing stock, digital samples from a library, we wanted to find and record our percussion. A crucial part of the sound came from banging on a 3/4 full water cooler. Recording and sampling our own live instrumentation gives the song it’s organic feel among the tripped out vocals, guitars, and delays.”

Guns In The Sun will release the ‘Prismatic’ EP in February 2013.