Premiere: Amateur Best – Ready For the Good Life (Jupiter Jax remix)

Hear a blissfully languid rework of the Double Denim man's irrepressibly cheerful single.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Ready For The Good Life is the opening track and the first “chapter” of Joe Flory’s – aka Amateur Best’s – recent comic book/album project for Double Denim. As he explains beautifully in our short film about the idea, Flory created a comic book issue for each track on his debut album under the new alias, describing the peaks and troughs in the life of one Joe Best. The opener is a forcefully optimistic anthem, seeing Joe ready to embark on new territory with a whole lot of zeal and handclap-inciting percussion.

In this rework, courtesy of 100% Silk producer Jupiter Jax, the track takes a turn for the pensive, stringing the melody over a softer palette of sounds and generally making the whole thing sound like it’s been left out in the sun for a while, giving it a gorgeous sheen. Stream it exclusively here.

Amateur Best plays Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen tonight with Kate Boy – get more information on that here.