Premiere: Alizzz – Tactel

Exclusively stream the Spanish producer's bright, bold and romantic electronic new EP.


Words by: Karen Chan

Electronic producer Alizzz’s production sits nicely between the bold, crunching sounds of Rustie and the slick, romantic and absorbing bed of Dam-Funk’s synth beats. Hailing from Barcelona, he has released his debut ‘Neon Lights’ EP earlier this year. Following up is ‘Loud’ EP, coming out on London label MofoHifi this week.

Tactel, exclusively streamed below, is a wonderfully elastic composition. It punctuates its straightforward and well-placed groove with layers of splintered drum patterns, emboldened by metallic and punchy synth notes. Strutting like a peacock, it’s a track that maintains a sense of balance between the bright and the soft, and exhibits a constant shift, in which the rhythm doesn’t settle and melodies never tire.

The rest of ‘Loud’ EP can be streamed below. It comes with two remixes of the title track by Dutch duo WebQueawry as well as MofoHifi’s The Young Punx.

MofoHifi Records released Alizzz – ‘Loud’ EP digitally on 27th August, 2012