Preditah states he is being held hostage in Egypt and is fearing for his life

The producer's management company said "everything is under control"


Words by: Felicity Martin

UK producer Preditah is reportedly receiving help after posting a series of concerning videos on Instagram claiming he was being held against his will in Egypt.

Catalyst Management, who represent the Birmingham artist, posted: “for everyone concerned, Preditah has been located and is being flown home. Everything is under control and we will let everyone know when he is safely back in the UK.”

Yesterday (August 7th), the beatmaker, who has worked with Jme, Jorja Smith, Wiley and more, stated in a string of videos that he was being held hostage in Cairo in fear of his life, and also that he was the King of Zambia.

Artists like DJ Target, DJ Spoony, Skream and Logan Sama voiced their concerns for the producer.

UPDATE (10/8/20): Contrary to Catalyst Management’s above post about Preditah being flown home, the producer uploaded another video to his Instagram stating he was still in Cairo, that his passport has been destroyed and that he is still fearing for his life. His brother, the rapper C4, has flown to Egypt and found his brother, according to Twitter, although he says “keep praying please”.

UPDATE (12/8/20): C4 has posted a picture from Heathrow stating that Preditah has been located and flown back to the UK.

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