Pluck a new Metronomy song out of the sky, literally


Good news, Metronomy fans, smart phone owners and astronomy enthusiasts: the four-piece are set to return next week with a track called I'm Aquarius, which will be made available to fans who download an app to find the Aquarius constellation.

The Night Sky app is available now for iOS and Android at 99p and is used for finding and identifying constellations in the sky by pointing your phone at it. At 7pm on Monday 11th November, users with the app will receive an update; once they've logged in and installed the update, they'll be able to click on the Aquarius constellation (once they've found it) and hear the brand new Metronomy single (previewed here in the form of a catchy little loop). It's a little long-winded, but definitely the most imaginative release strategy we've heard of lately. 

Download the Night Sky app here if you're on iOS or here if you're on Android