Playlist: Brand New To Dummy (#BNTD)


As usual, our 'Brand New To Dummy' (#BNTD) playlist returns just in time to spice up your week with a fresh new batch of tracks from a select group of exciting up-and-coming artists.

Making their way to our playlist is ishi vu's genre-binding new release 'Retina Scan', Dutch-producer Kuiters drops a colourful new track via net-label Night Owl Collective and CV & JAB give a beautifully melancholic performance on 'Large Suess Plant'. Furthermore, new solo-project Floyd Fuji led by Kyle Thornton unveils a catchy banger filled with tasty bass-lines and tight drums, London-based multi-instrumentalist Jazzi Bobbi gives Nilüfer Yanya's 'Thanks 4 Nothing' the remix treatment and finally Abiade returns with a colossal remix of his track 'Le Sud' featuring Genesis Elijah, Ty, ShaoDow and Lenz.

Check out the full selection below.

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