You can stream Rustie’s new album in full, but you have to beat this game first

Get a full stream of Rustie's new album 'Green Language' if you can beat a video game exploring the album's world.


Rustie's second album 'Green Language' is released next week, and his label Warp Records are now streaming the album in full ahead of its release… sort of.

In fact, to hear the record, you need to unlock it via an online game created by Warp in collaboration with Hunter Loftis. Explore the world – a jungle full of mystical temple ruins and mazes – to find golden monuments, which will unlock a new level and a new track. After you've found all of the songs you'll be rewarded with a full stream of the album. It all reminds us of Hudson Mohawke's fiendishly difficult video game Butterstar Galactica, released to coincide with his debut album 'Butter' (and which is still online now).

"The album blends natural sounds with classic video-game electronica, so I wanted to build something that similarly combined digital effects with a sense of untamed nature," says the game's developer in a short article on Warp's site, "I drew especially strong inspiration from Adventure Time's palette and Minecraft's 8-bit rendering style. The game's dreamlike lighting system was designed to complement the surreal quality of Rustie's music."

Play the game here.

Warp Records release 'Green Language' on August 25th 2014 (pre-order).