Play Brit Awards 2012 Bingo

Spice up tonight's big pop awards show with bingo.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Tonight will see the live show of the 2012 Brit Awards, the show billed as the “biggest event in the British music industry’s calendar” and a celebration of the best of the nation’s pop music. The award show will feature nominations for and performances by some of the top performers of the day, as well as a special performance by Lifetime Achievement Award winners Blur, but it can be further improved with a bit of bingo.

Peter Robinson, of the brilliant pop music regulator Popjustice, is the man on hand to help, having drawn up a list of 90 events of differing probability for you to tick off whilst you watch. From dead certs (“25. Ed Sheeran sits down, 26. Ed Sheeran stands up”) to slightly longer shots (“16. Bjork arrives wearing a fake swan; Lady Gaga arrives wearing a fake Bjork wearing a real swan, 21. As per Alex James’s request, the glitter cannon marking the finale of Blur’s performance has been stocked with the wrappers of 7,000 Dairylea triangles.”) the list has it all.

The full list and instructions for priniting your own bingo cards are available over at the Guardian Music Blog.

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