Play a game that involves bumping Kanye West on the head

The online game, launched yesterday, gives you the chance to help Yeezy stay out of "his zone", as demanded on 'N*ggas in Paris'.


Words by: Charlie Jones

For those who have always wanted to combine their tendency to procrastinate with their desire to swat Kanye West away like a fly, is here, and it’s highly addictive.

Based around the lyrics “don’t let me into my zone” from Jay and Ye’s behemoth track ‘N*ggas in Paris’, the just-launched game involves stopping a flying cut-out of Kanye West’s face from entering what appears to be “his zone”.

The smugness that emanates from this cut-out alone – if you lose, he shouts “I’m definitely in my zone!” – is enough to make players compulsive about keeping Yeezy out of his zone for as long as possible.

The game is also pretty great because it manages to create whole new levels of ridiculousness in a song that was inspired by this, and inspired this.

Play the game here.

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