Planningtorock – Misogyny Drop Dead

The experimental artist's new track makes it clear that she wishes that gender-based discrimination would just stop already.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

In a comment piece written at the end of last year for Dummy, Steph Kretowicz considered the work that experimental electronic artist Planningtorock was doing to reverse gendered norms and attack patriarchal values through her subversive music and the gender-less alter-ego that she adopts to create it.

With her distinctively indistinct vocal style and prosthetic disguise, Planningtorock has established herself as being at the forefront of artists who challenge their listeners’ ideas of gender, and it’s a challenge she’s continuing to mount with her newly-announced EP, ‘Misogyny Drop Dead’. Running with a similar “totally over sexism” mindset to Patriarchy Over & Out but with an extra injection of slinky bass and funk-leaning beats, the new track makes equal rights something everyone can dance to.

Stream the track here, and take the time to read the lyrics below the player, because they’ve got a call-to-arms quality that means they’re just begging to be heard and not overlooked.

Misogyny Drop Dead – lyrics

Hear the drum
de-genderize all intellect
funky idea, touch more than that
Misogyny drop dead and dump the script
step by step lets walk towards step step step, the next step

Power in your head say the words replace what they said
2013 our time is ahead
we do know what we want & we know that you
you’ve got the power to prove

Human Level Recordings will release ‘Misogyny Drop Dead’ EP on the 8th March 2013 (International Women’s Day).

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