Planningtorock – Misogyny Drop Dead (PTR’s different version)

Hear a new version of Planningtorock's women's day anthem, remixed for rRoxymore's release party.


MIsogyny Drop Dead is a belter of a song – it's one of our favourites this year, in fact – but five months on from its initial release, you could understand if Planningtorock was getting a little bored of playing it. 

As such, PTR – aka Janine Rostron – revisited the song for a fairly simple reason – she wanted a different version to play at the release party of rRoxymore's new EP. The name of the rework? Misogyny Drop Dead (the "wanted a different version of MDD for rRoxymore's party remix"). No ambiguity there, then. The new version is a little more streamlined for a party, trading the off funk of the original for a skipping, swung groove.

rRoxymore's new EP was released through Human Level Recordings, the label run by PTR. You can hear rRoxymore's new EP here, along with a short introduction by Rostron herself.


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