Planet Mu release Polysick’s ‘Digital Naive’

The acid house and Italo music producer will release his eccentric 15-track album on June 18th.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Rome-born Egisto Sopor, alias Polysick, will drop his new record on June 18th via Planet Mu, as FACT report.

Polysick, whose previous production feature releases on Legowelt’s Strange Life Records and on the 100% Silk label, will now release his proper first album, including 15 tracks of “glowing, nocturnal, analogue grace that hark back to acid house and early techno, but with a mood and intent that seems to be designed for watching images dance on closed eyelids.”

Egisto said he has been influenced by visions of tribal nocturnal mysterious explorations, and added that he tried “to convey a sense of mystery and danger with those swirling flutes and the timpani rolls too, like if you were in the middle of a jungle, in a deep dark night and you’re running away through the trees, haunted, like in some of those old zombie splatter movies from the 80’s.”

‘Digital Naive’ features all this freakiness combined in a very, very odd yet interesting way. You can check the tracklist below, and stream the album on the Planet Mu’s website.

1. Totem
2. Woods
3. Taito
4. Loading…
5. Lost Holidays
6. Caravan
7. Drowse
8. Tic-Tac Toe
9. Meltinacid
10. Gondwana
11. Preda
12. World Cup
13. Bermuda
14. Transpelagic
15. Smudge, Hawaii

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