Peverelist announces new 12″ Undulate/Grit

The Livity Sound boss' new 2-tracker will come out November 13.


Words by: Aurora Mitchell

The first since 2013, Livity Sound's Peverelist announces new solo 12" 'Undulate/Grit' which will be released on November 13th.

Since 2013, what we've seen from Pev has mostly been collaborations with other producers, including Hodge, Kowton and Steevio as well as having other people remixing his tracks. He's also been on the other side of that and made his own remix of Hodge's Amor Fati, which is due out later this month. 

You can listen to previews of both Undulate and Grit below: 

'Undulate/Grit' is released via Livity Sound on November 13th 2015. 

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