Pete Swanson – Punk Authority [EP stream]

The noise artist's intensely physical new release is up for streaming now.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

“I play extremely loud and it’s a really physical thing,” Pete Swanson recently told Dummy in a discussion about the relationship between punk and noise/techno. “It’s supposed to be really physical and a lot of that is a reference, or a gesture, that’s related to my background in punk.”

Even without feeling the full, bodily force of this EP played live, the physical intensity of ‘Punk Authority’ is apparent from the moment it first lurches into life. By the time the gravelly bass of title track Punk Authority has carried over into the all-consuming industrial whine of C.O.P., the EP has you firmly encased in its world. Just imagine this pouring down on you from an amplified height, with all the heat and fraught potential energy of a punk rock show – this thrill is built into the tightly constructed sounds of Pete Swanson’s work, feeding on the oxymoronic tension of the anti-authority authority, or the carefully structured takedown of structure.

You can stream the EP below thanks to Dazed Digital.

Software will release ‘Punk Authority’ on the 12th March 2013.

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