Perera Elsewhere – Bizarre (Hype Williams “Gated Community” mix 2)

Hype Williams deconstruct the new single from the Friends of Friends signee.


Hype Williams have deconstructed the new Perera Elsewhere single.

Perera Elsewhere is the latest signing to Friends of Friends, announcing herself to the world with a great song called Bizarre. Hype Williams' remix of that song, unveiled today, is a complete deconstruction, lasting nearly 10 minutes and occupying much of that time with a cinematic inner city sound design.

We can't say who exactly was behind the remix – Hype Williams recently "split up", although that didn't stop Dean Blunt releasing a new album anyway, while Inga Copeland has changed her name simply to copeland and dropped a fantastic new song called Fit.

FoF Music will release the 'Bizarre' EP on September 9th, followed by the album 'Everlast' on October 28th 2013.

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