Peggy Gou is curating the next DJ-Kicks mix

She's the first Korean woman to contribute to the series...


Words by: Bella Hope

Peggy Gou will be the next DJ to curate her own mix through the DJ-Kicks series.

Since 1995, DJ-Kicks mix has been collaborating with DJs globally, and Peggy will be following on from Laurel Halo, making her the 69th edition of the series.

Her next release since the ‘Moment’ EP, the mix will features the likes of Aphex Twin, Andrew Weatherall and JRMS. Spanning roughly 73 minutes, all 18 tracks cover a wide array of genres from house to electro.

The mix also comes with its fair share of exclusives with Hiver’s ‘Pert’ and previously unreleased ‘Cassette Jam 1993’ by I:Cube.

The artwork sees Peggy with a tiger lying on the bed behind her, the artistic choice tying in with Peggy’s heavily documented love of animals and her Korean heritage.

“I had the concept of this cover in my mind for a long time,” she says, “as the first Korean woman to contribute to the DJ-Kicks series I wanted to do something from my heritage, so I chose the tiger, which is very important in Korean traditions and a metaphor for my personality.”

“I would like to be the first Korean female DJ that plays in Berghain”: Read our interview with Peggy Gou.

Peggy Gou’s DJ-Kicks mix will be released on 28th June 2019, available digitally, on CD and vinyl.

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