Pantha du Prince’s Black Noise remixed by Four Tet, Moritz Van Oswald, Animal Collective &c

On April Fools' Day, Rough Trade will release a remix album of Pantha du Prince.


Words by: Charlie Jones

As he mentioned briefly in this interview which we did last year, Berlin-based techno producer Hendrik Weber’s mesmerising Rough Trade album has been remixed by loads of people and will be released soon. Check out the typically strong artwork below, underneath the typically strong tracklist, which includes fellow Dial alumni Efdemin and Lawrence, fellow excellent artist Moritz Van Oswald and Animal Collective, whose Panda Bear, of course, contributed vocals to Stick To My Side. Pantha du Prince will be over to the UK for the Ether Festival soon, as we mentioned earlier.

1. Moritz Von Oswald: Welt Am Draht
2. Die Vögel: Welt Am Draht
3. Lawrence: Stick to My Side
4. Four Tet: Stick to My Side
5. The Sight Below: A Nomad’s Retreat
6. Efdemin: Stick to My Side
7. Hieroglyphic Being: Satellite Sniper
8. Carsten Jost: Stick to My Side
9. Animal Collective: Welt Am Draht
10. Fata Morgana: Lay in a Shimmer
11. Walls: Stick to My Side