P Money collaborates with the Department for Education on track ‘The Calling’

The new cut is designed to showcase the power of apprenticeships...


Words by: Felicity Martin

P Money has announced a brand new collab with…. the UK government’s Department for Education.

‘The Calling’ is a new track from the grime MC designed to showcase the power of apprenticeships, created with the help of SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards MBE.

The Teddy Music-produced P Money cut sees seven apprentices helping record, produce, and launch the soundtrack and music video, contributing skills like drone engineering, sound and video production.

Edwards said: “There’s still an assumption that you can only do apprenticeships in trades like plumbing and construction. That view really needs to be reversed, and I hope this track and accompanying films will help get the message out there.

Watch ‘The Calling’ now:


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