Outkast will defininitely headline Coachella

US megafest will also feature The Knife, Warpaint, and Disclosure.


It's confirmed: Outkast will headline Coachella.

Initially starting as a rumour in November and then effectively confirmed by various Outkast associates, we didn't want to get too over the moon until it was there in writing, but with the release of the official lineup announcement last night it's clear that it's definitely on. The Californian megafest will run two consecutive weekends (April 11th-13th and April 18th-20th).


It's certainly not the most inspired lineup elsewhere, with your standard crowdpullers taking up most of the bill (Muse, Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Skrillex, etc.), but there are plenty of killer groups in there, like Warpaint and The Knife. It's also interesting to note that a US festival seems to be giving young Surrey sprogs Disclosure equal billing to Lana Del Rey and, uh, Motörhead. 

But still, Outkast!!

This doesn't necessarily suggest that Big Boi and Andre 3000 will be returning to the studio anytime soon, but it's a start, and given that Big Boi's solo endeavours have both been highly commendable, there's no reason to think that they'd be past a studio reunion. 

But again, Outkast!!