Outfit announce new album ‘Slowness’

The Liverpool-hailing five-piece return with their second album in June. Stream a new song, Genderless, now.


Outfit are releasing a new album called 'Slowness' in June.

'Slowness' is the second album from the Liverpool-hailing band, following 2013's really excellent 'Performance'. With the band's five members now scattered across three different cities and two different countries, 'Slowness' was recorded during an intensive few weeks where they found themselves all in the same place, "with the tensions of touring, moving, and transatlantic relationships still weighing heavy in mind", as a press release puts it.

Due out on Memphis Industries, 'Slowness' will be a portrait of emotional distance, utilising piano, synths, and guitars – but, if its first song Genderless is anything to go by, it's still inherently melodic. "This song is about feeling disconnected from your body and your sexuality almost to the point where your self disappears completely," explains vocalist Andrew P M Hunt.

Much of the material on 'Slowness' was debuted at shows in Manchester and London last year. Recently, Andrew P M Hunt released a free album under the name Dialect.

Outfit 'Slowness' tracklist:

01. New Air
02. Slowness
03. Smart Thing
04. Boy
05. Happy Birthday
06. Wind or Vertigo
07. Genderless
08. Framed
09. On the Water, on the Way
10. Cold Light Home
11. Swam Out

Outfit live dates:

May 13th: Lexington, London

June 6th-7th: Parklife Festival, Manchester
June 9th: Field Day, London

Memphis Industries release 'Slowness' on June 12th 2015 (pre-order).