Oscar – Open Up

Light 'n' breezy guitar pop from a new London artist.


Oscar is a relatively new musician from London who makes guitar pop in his bedroom, and his music has the sort of ethos that you'd expect from somebody who makes guitar pop in his bedroom: it's all quite unpolished, with minimal redrafts and overdubs. Besides making music, he also promotes it, running a small clubnight in the city called Damaged Goods, which is dedicated to new British guitar music. Like all the best guitar music, however, Oscar's tastes run a bit deeper than straight-up rock'n'roll, and a cursory glance at his Twitter feed reveals somebody who reps not just your usual Sub Pop bands and Blur, but also ghetto house label Dance Mania and avant-garde composer Erik Satie.

Come summer, Oscar will have released his first EP, coming out through Brown Rice, a new label set up as a subsidiary of Scandinavian independent institution Smalltown Supersound. One of the songs that'll make that EP is a light and breezy little jam called Open Up, which has hooks that hit you pretty instantly, and basically ends up stuck in your head before the song's even finished.

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