Original Sugababes reform; please remain calm

Absolute standout British pop dynasty Sugababes are back together, with new material on the way.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Great news for pop lovers and people who think the last decade was, overall, a net loss for the human race everywhere – the orignal Sugababes lineup is back in the studio. Siobhan Donaghy, Mutya Buena and Keisha Buchanan formed the British pop institution in 1998, and recorded one great album, ‘One Touch’ together, before Donaghy left under fairly unfriendly circumstances.

All the original trio eventually left, and though, as Popjustice reports, they are unable to call themselves “Sugababes”, they still have rights to using the “Sugababes” name on stationary. Anyway, there are promising signs ahead for the music, as well as the pencil cases, with Stronger and _Overload [below] writer on board as manager, and several record companies sniffing around them.

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