Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software announces summer releases

London ambient musician Blanck Mass and Portuguese experimental duo Tropa Macaca will be releasing through Dan Lopatin and Joel Ford's record label Software.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Oneohtrix Point Never and Joel Ford’s Ford And Lopatin project had an interesting offer for their debut album through Mexican Summer – rather than simply signing them, they were given a label to release 2011’s ‘Channel Pressure’ through, and a budget to sign other artists they loved.

Software has announced the next two releases. London’s Blanck Mass (aka Benjamin Power from Fuck Buttons) will release a 20-minute 12” White Math / Polymorph on 20th August 2012. It’s ravey!

Also out that day is ‘Ectoplasma’, a two-track album from Tropa Macaca. A duo from Rebordões, a small town in Portugal, Tropa Macaca make really radical noise, a previous example of can be heard below.

Tropa Macaca – Fazer Chuva from Tropa Macaca on Vimeo.