Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software announces summer releases


Oneohtrix Point Never and Joel Ford’s Ford And Lopatin project had an interesting offer for their debut album through Mexican Summer – rather than simply signing them, they were given a label to release 2011’s ‘Channel Pressure’ through, and a budget to sign other artists they loved.

Software has announced the next two releases. London’s Blanck Mass (aka Benjamin Power from Fuck Buttons) will release a 20-minute 12” White Math / Polymorph on 20th August 2012. It’s ravey!

Also out that day is ‘Ectoplasma’, a two-track album from Tropa Macaca. A duo from Rebordões, a small town in Portugal, Tropa Macaca make really radical noise, a previous example of can be heard below.

Tropa Macaca – Fazer Chuva from Tropa Macaca on Vimeo.