Oneohtrix Point Never brings A/V show to the MoMA

Manhattan art gallery to host Dan Lopatin's live multimedia show with Nate Boyce in a fortnight.


Words by: Charlie Jones

We saw Nate Boyce’s computer-generated visuals for Oneohtrix Point Never’s live show at Georgian London church St Giles-In-The-Fields two weeks aago, were blown away, and are pleased to announce that a new collaboration will be brought to an even grander setting, the MoMA in New York.

Titled Reliquary House, the event will see the pair work with Matt Werth from RVNG INTL, who will literally provide “interstitial sound sets”. From the exhibition notes:

OPN and Boyce re-imagine the canon of modernist sculpture through hallucinatory reconstructions of works by David Smith, Jacob Epstein, and Anthony Caro, among other sculptures in MoMA’s collection. Boyce uses computer-generated imagery to transform these sculptures into kinetic apparitions that inhabit incongruous and “impossible” landscapes and architectural environments. Abetted by OPN’s sound design, Boyce reconfigures the museum setting, pulling historical art objects into a new context.”

The event runs 9-12pm, Saturday December 17th.

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