Oneohtrix Point Never announces the follow-up to his Warp debut, Garden of Delete

The follow up to R Plus Seven was teased through a mysterious letter and will be released in November.


Words by: Aurora Mitchell

Daniel Lopatin has remained largely mysterious and made ambiguous statements towards the follow-up to his Warp debut, R Plus Seven. In an interview on the site earlier this year, he said "Not sure when It'll be done, but it's sounding very Oneohtrix Point Never," and had previously said that he was working on the record in winter last year. 

Heading to, reveals a click through photo of a pair of glasses resting on a candlelit book – leading you to a cryptic letter from Lopatin that involves a story about a friend he made called Ezra who then mysteriously vanished as well as a Myspace style questionnaire. This teaser has led to the announcement of Lopatin's next full-length record, 'Garden of Delete', which will be coming out through Warp in November. 

Update (19/08): Daniel Lopatin has since confirmed that ‘Garden of Delete’ is out 13th November through Warp Records and previewed by a new track titled flame – listen above.

Speaking about the album, Lopatin says: "I originally intended on this project painting some troubled pictures of pop music, but as it emerged I realised it turned into a self-portrait."

Tracks confirmed for the release include Sticky Drama, I Bite Through It, Ezra, Animals and Mutant Standard. Alongside the announcement, an “interview” with “Ezra the alien” is now available to hear on a cryptic separate website – click here to read the interview.