Om Unit introduces Memory9

London producer Om Unit shares his remix of Memory9 and tells you why you should be listening to this Italian-born, turtle-liking producer.


Memory9 is the alias of the Italian-born musician Gadi Sassoon, who released his recent EP ‘The Abyss Within’ on May 20th through Mnemonic Dojo. The EP’s title track comes with a remix by Om Unit, the London-based producer who has a soft spot for Memory9. Read on to find out why Om Unit thinks he’s worth listening to.

Om Unit: “Memory9 is one of those people that older electronic music nerds would know about, from a recent era where journos were peddling the “IDM” term around to justify their column inches. Except unlike most artists of his ilk, he has soldiered on to a point where I can see him as having paid his dues, free to steer his own ship with Mnemonic Dojo and building on an already impressive live set (using a monome and two launchpads for the geeks in the audience). He is a gentleman and a scholar, and speaks English as a better second language than most English people I know. He likes turtles.

Oh yeah! And this project is a legitimate use of the word awesome, because I introduced Davide Bianca (the video artist) and Memory9 a while back knowing they would click, both having a good sense of humour and strong work ethic. The resulting video, I think you’ll agree, serves as a calling card for greater future endeavours.

The music itself was so intensely detailed it was a tough remix, but I fell back to the groove to carry it, allowing it to almost make itself (hence the spaciness). Enjoy!”

MEMORY9 – The Abyss Within from Saizen Media on Vimeo.

Mnemonic Dojo will release the ‘The Abyss Within’ 12” vinyl in late July.