Olde English allstars pay tribute to Creed on free compilation, ‘Should Have Been Dead On A Sunday M

Olde English Spelling Bee-affiliated acts Autre Ne Veut, Alice Cohen, Pretty Lightning, Sleep Creep, Hurricane Ike and Green Gerry cover post-grunge band's songs for free compilation, 'Should Have Been Dead On A Sunday Morning'.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Olde English Spelling Bee, home to acts the quality of James Ferraro, Forest Swords, Ducktails, Julian Lynch, Alice Cohen and Autre Ne Veut, have returned with a short compilation of Creed covers, resulting in a rare, Creed-tagged article on Dummy. As one would expect from one of the most interesting labels in recent history, it’s actually a fairly wonderful set of songs by some people – like Alice Cohen and Autre Ne Veut – we love, and some we now love, like Pretty Lightning and Hurrican Ike.

Olde English wrote this on their blog to explain their decision to feature the “atrocious”, in the words of Alice Cohen, Creed on their compilation:

Creed is one of the most misunderstood rock bands of all time. Critics have described them as “taking the tackiest elements of grunge and then pumping it full of steroids and human growth hormones”. Well what’s wrong with that? What their detractors are missing is the deep existential crises revealed in the songs of Creed. The themes of endless despair, reckoning with God, and emerging triumphant through it all. It’s all about the struggles and trials of life and how we are ultimately united on this difficult path. It’s about singing with the voice of a superhuman monster – the only voice that can maybe reach the ears of our cruel God. If we can shoot lightning back His way then maybe He will take notice of our suffering. Chillwave music will never accomplish goals of this nature. God does not take Chillwave music seriously but He surely follows Creed for they are the musical choice of so many believers. True believers. The spiritual warriors of this world. There have been theories that bands like “Washed Out” psychically pre-empted the recent tsunami disaster. This was God’s punishment. Creed has music videos depicting the survival of mass floods – they see the future and envision the durability of human existence in the face of extinction. We must fight God in order to survive. The human race must unite in order to overcome the challenges He will throw our way. Creed is the soundtrack to our survival – seriously “the end is near” has never been more true. 2012 is our next door neighbor. Are you ready? Are you ready? For what’s to come.

Cheers, Chocolate Bobka.


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