Okay Kaya – Damn, Gravity

New York City artist debuts a spacious song that's very easy to fall in love with.


Okay Kaya is a new artist. So new, in fact, that the only concrete information we have about her comes from a couple of lines gleaned from her website: she was born in New Jersey, then she moved to Norway, and now she resides in New York City, where she makes music that "explores melancholy through melody & space".

What's probably more beneficial than us providing a couple of lines of rote context is for you to look through her impeccably maintained Instagram, which demonstrates Kaya's eye for capturing things both magical and ridiculous in everyday life.

We've been keeping an eye on Okay Kaya's stuff since hearing her five song mix a few months ago, and now, as she prepares to play a few North American shows with the man Tobias Jesso Jr., she's dropped a new song online called Damn, Gravity. Produced by the ever-exquisite Rodaidh McDonald (The xx, King Krule, How To Dress Well, and so on), Damn, Gravity is a song that does indeed explore melancholy through melody and space, and it is very, very easy to fall in love with.

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