No-one dies anymore

Drake produces new Aaliyah album, stream the first single inside.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Aaliyah, died in an air accident nearly 11 years ago, but left behind one of the strongest legacies in modern R&B. Only 22 at her death, she made three still essential albums, and left behind a vast store of unreleased tracks. Some of these were compiled on 2002’s ‘I Care 4 U’, and this morning, news broke that Drake was working with his producer on Noah – “40” – Shebib on an album of Aaliyah songs. The first of which, Enough Said, hit the net and is pasted below.

This project has been long-rumoured, and Drake has been vocal in his appreciation of Aaliyah, rapping Since I saw Aaliyah’s precious life go too soon. She deserve the credit for how I’m about to get it on We’ll Be Fine, probably in reference to the fact that both are super-talented people who take southern rap’s grammer and prettier ends and use them to create highly personal narratives, as it’s hard to imagine Aaliyah smashing a cake with her face painted on it. Rap is, of course, a genre with a long history of allowing musicians a long after-life, from Dilla and Biggie’s still steady output and Tupac’s ghost appearing at Coachella, the weirdness of which our staff writer Lauren Martin discussed in great depth here.

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