No ID is a new London clubnight spotlighting South Asian artists

It's been set up by More Time Records boss Ahadadream...


Words by: Felicity Martin

A new clubnight, No ID, has been set up in London as a platform for DJs and artists from the South Asian diaspora.

It’s been set up by More Time Records boss Ahadadream, who noticed the amount of South Asian people making moves in different scenes and wanted to create a place of cohesion and “for things to propogate,” he says.

“When I was growing up, I felt like there was a lack of brown faces in the arts who I could look to as a role model and I really wanna change that for the next generation of kids,” he adds.

With no set music policy, the name No ID, he says “alludes to a lack of musical identity amongst the British South Asian diaspora”.

The first No ID night takes place on March 27th at Rye Wax with Nabihah Iqbal, Naina, Noudle and Ahadadream, as well as a screening of Pakistani short film Dia.

You can RSVP to for free entry.

Logo design/artwork by Amad Ilyas


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