Night Slugs launch new “strictly dancefloor” series

London record label Night Slugs starts new 12’’ series entitled Club Constructions, with L-Vis 1990 in charge of the first release.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Night Slugs is a label famous for releasing high-concept takes on club music. The furious energy of the dancefloor has always inspired the label’s artists – from Jam City to Kingdom – but the wonderful thing about them is their separation from the purely functional. Now, they are launching another 12” series, called Club Constructions. The new label will offer Night Slugs’ international group of production talent the possibility to work on material strictly aimed at the dancefloor.

This five-track EP, described as “strictly for peak time usage”, sees L-Vis 1990 reportedly working with the sounds of Chicago ghetto house through five hi tempo tracks.

There is no release date set for Club Constructions Vol 1, (the best we have from Juno Plus is “imminent”), though it will mark L-Vis 1990 ’s first material on Night Slugs since Forever You in 2010, having spent the interim period working on completing his major label debut album Neon Dreams.


1. Workout

2. Video Drone

3. Rubber Crash

4. Hard Drive

5. Girl Clap

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