Nicolas Jaar releases free album ‘Pomegranates’

Nico gave his 20-track alternate soundtrack to 1969 Soviet film The Colour of Pomegranates away for free on Facebook last night.


Nicolas Jaar released an alternate soundtrack to 1969 Soviet film The Colour of Pomegranates earlier this year. Tooday, he's shared a download of that soundtrack as a standalone, 20-track album.

Released as a download on Facebook, the album contains a note from Jaar explaining the origins of the record. Some of the music was created before he saw the film, some was from a soundtrack to The Returned that he was working on before he left the project due to creative differences, one was a rejected rap beat, and so on.

The download version is slightly different to the original in that it doesn't sync with the film.

Jaar intends to release the soundtrack on vinyl in the future.

You can download the album now.

Nicolas Jaar 'Pomegranates' tracklist:

01. Garden of Eden
02. Construction
03. Pass the Time
04. Survival
05. The Fool and His Harem
06. Nothingness
07. Near Death
08. Beasts of This Earth
09. Fall Into Time
10. Folie à deux
11. Screams at the Edge of Dawn
12. Divorce
13. Three Windows
14. Tourists
15. Shame
16. Tower of Sin
17. Club Kapital
18. Volver
19. Spirit
20. Muse

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