Nicolas Jaar designs new digital player / musical paperweight for his label

The minimalist musician has made a new object on which to listen to his new music.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Alongside his fantastic music Nicolas Jaar is a founder of the production house Clown & Sunset Aesthetics, or CSA, a multi-disciplinary company set up to accompany the Clown & Sunset record label.

CSA work a lot with live performance but their first physical production is the Prism, a palm-sized cube preloaded with twelve tracks from Jaar himself and other CSA collaborators. The thought behind the prism is a combination of medium and message and a prompt to reconsider the relationship between listener and music [and look nice on a desk – Ed]. The prism has two headphone slots for a shared experience and a beam of light passes through the empty jack when it is unplugged and The official line notes how it “makes you consider how the music is being heard” and its “potential to foster intimacy between listeners” and we think it’s very cute and full of good music too.

The Prism will be released on the 1st May 2012, and will come preloaded with a compilation of tracks from Valentin Stip, Just Friends and Jaar himself, among others. Pre-order it for $40 through

Untitled from NICO JAAR on Vimeo.

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