Nicolas Jaar has two albums on the way, a high opinion of his music

The young musician revealed a Krautrock record and "diabolic 14th century baroque church music" record are coming.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The American-Chilean DJ and producer who started his career with the Wolf & Lamb family and is now running successfully his own label Clown & Sunset, announced in a recent interview with The Guardian which FACT pointed us toward that his next solo album is on the way.

The follow-up of his last year’s debut ‘Space Is Only Noise’ should be out in 2013. Jaar anticipated that it will be a record of “esoteric, atmospheric, sad, diabolic 14th century baroque church music.”

Jaar also revealed that this is not the only project he’s working on at the moment. He will, in fact, release a full lenght album from his Krautrock-leaning side group – a project called Darkside with guitarist Dave Harrington. You can hear some early material below.

During the interview Nicolas mentioned again his dislike for CDs, which is why the last Clown & Sunset compilation won’t be released in that form. It will instead come in the prism form.

There’s some nice flashes of colour relating to his personality in the piece, not least his “monastic” lifestyle:

No drugs (“I’ve never even smoked weed”), no coffee or cigarettes on tour, just red wine. Temporarily transforming clubs into delirious otherworldly spaces – when the crowd might want 4/4 beats – requires focus: “I’m learning my limits so that I’m never too tired to say, ‘Let’s change it.’ You need an internal strength, to say, ‘Let’s turn this into an honest space, let’s present an alternative.’”

The EP, entitled Don’t Break My Love is due to be out on the 1st of May. Defined as a collection of lost memories from Jaar and his label mates, the showcase will feature contributions from Valentin Stip, Acid Pauli, Vtgnike and new tracks from Jaar himself.

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