New tracks from Hieroglyphic Being, purveyor of spell-blindingly lo-fi techno

Three new tracks from the singular Chicago producer Jamal Moss.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Three new tracks went up on the Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being aka SoMuchNoise2Beheard Soundcloud page yesterday.

Jamal Moss runs Chicago’s excellent Mathematics Records, which constantly seems to pushing at the edge of some sort of analogue force-field in releasing the rawest and most vital house/techno/experimental sounds around. He’s also a renowned producer and DJ, and whilst he’s currently on tour in Europe the UK is still waiting for another visit from him – in somewhat mysterious circumstances, he didn’t make it into the country for a series of gigs planned last year.

We’ve done our best to find traces of these tracks elsewhere and they’re not familiar to us as such.. so we’re cautiously going to deem them new, which is rather nice for the many fans of Moss’s experimental analogue rawness.

The first track, ‘Spiralling Out of Control’, is a primal percussive work-out with an insistent bassline which constantly threatens to run itself off the tracks. A glorious assortment of random, chaotic sounds give the whole thing a mesmerising, unhinged energy.

‘The Vanity Syndrome’ is next, starting with a simple two note melody and deep bassline that sounds like its blown its own speakers out. The percussion is again intricate and unrelenting – clever but still physically immediate. Shimmering space noises come in and the rhythms get more and more driving – utterly hypnotising (it has echoes of the remix he did of Armando and Steve Poindexter’s ‘Black Hole’ under his Son God alias).

Finally, we’ve got ‘tache floue de l’amour de folie interminable’. The rhythms are pure Detroit-techno, fast and unrelenting, whilst above what sounds like an organ gently meanders and sweet melodies play and soar. Gorgeous.

Looks like the tracks are due for an April release on Music from Mathematics.

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