New Hacienda BBC documentary to receive Manchester premiere

The BBC are offering out tickets to the premiere to members of the public...


Photos by: Peter Walsh

Words by: Billy Ward

The BBC is giving music fans a chance to attend the red carpet premiere of BBC Two’s new documentary, The Hacienda: The Club That Shook Britain.

Combining rare and unseen archive footage with first-hand testimonies from those who were involved during the Hacienda’s golden years, the new film documents the “incredible story of a revolution which rose up from within the walls and dancefloor of a former warehouse in central Manchester,” according to the BBC.

Ahead of its broadcast on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer on Saturday November 5, the Manchester-based event includes a preview of the one-off documentary followed by a Q&A session.

Peter Hook will be among those attending the exclusive screening on Wednesday November 2 at HOME in Manchester, directly across the road from where the Hacienda club once stood.

Speaking about the new documentary, the former Joy Division and New Order band member said: “I am honoured to be a small part of the history of the Hacienda. It gave me a home from 1982 to 1997, when, as one of Manchester’s fashion and cultural outcasts….. I desperately needed one. The club’s reputation is still as strong as ever today and I am confident this documentary will educate a whole new generation.”

Diana Hare, TV commissioning executive for BBC England, says: “BBC Popular Music TV and BBC England TV Commissioning are delighted to dance together in support of this behemoth of a nightclub which we know will captivate a generation who were there and inspire a generation who wished they had been.”

To apply for tickets to attend the premiere event, go to the BBC Shows and Tours website.

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