Neon Marshmallow’s video playlist of bands playing in Chicago

Organizer behind Chicago noise festival Neon Marshmallow introduces us to some of the bands playing.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Experimental music festival Neon Marshmallow has been held for the last few years in Chicago, and is happening this weekend. Drawing together a slew of artists making noise, drone and experimental sounds, this year’s line up includes Rene Hell, Lucky Dragons, Oneohtrix Point Never, Dylan Ettinger, and many others who are making interesting music. In anticipation of the event, festival organizer Matt Kimmel has created a playlist of artists playing the festival, and their previous performances in the city. It’s a great snapshot, demonstrating both the rude health of experimental music, and also the continued importance of bands playing live, from roughly put-together in-stores, to gigs in more conventional venues.

Sword Heaven – Live at Matchitehew Assembly, Chicago

sword heaven at matchitehew assembly (chicago) june 5th, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.

This is a video I shot the last time Sword Heaven played in Chicago. The semi-defunct duo are getting together for the first time in a long time to play at Neon Marshmallow. Evil primal animal shit. Honestly… they are truly terrifying.

Lichens – Live at Golden Age, Chicago

lichens at golden age (chicago) july 16th, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.

This is an in-store set I taped of Lichens in 2009. The project of Robert AA Lowe is always unique and mesmerizing to witness. We are very happy to aid in the return of the recently departed ex-Chicagoan. For his Neon Marshmallow/Sonic Celluloid performance Lichens will be scoring a silent film created by one of his friends.

Outer Space – Live at Chillis, Chicago

The project of John Elliot (of Emeralds) & Jeff Hatfield. This was recorded at a now defunct Chicago garage-space: Chilis. Deeply psychedelic and moving cosmic sounds… supposedly he is bringing his own PA as an addition to the already beefed-up Empty Bottle soundsystem.

Bill Orcutt – Live at Reckless Records, Chicago

Bill Orcutt performing a barefoot solo set at Reckless Records in Chicago. The guy is just incredible!

VBS Electric Independence: Morton Subotnick

I think this mini documentary that Motherboard/VBS did of our festival headliner Morton Subotnick is an important thing to see. It gives a nice introduction to the scope of his musical contributions and it really shows how cool of a guy he is. As down-to-earth as he is important.

Neon Marshmallow festival takes place in Chicago on 10th-12th June 2011