Neon Jung – On Feuer [MP3]

Shapeshifting melodies from the new kid on Lone's Magic Wire Recordings.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

It’s a changeable weather day; there’s a restlessness in the air, the breeze flipping its mind back and forth between sun and rain. Vibrating with that in-between energy are the sharp, vibrant, mutating melodies of Sheffield (at a guess) producer Neon Jung. A new signing to Magic Wire Recordings – yep, that’s Lone’s baby in case you were wondering – his first release is a 10” double whammy: Just Can’t Leave it Alone (listen on Dummy’s Staff Mix 72) and Too Many Facets. Both are pretty darn great.

A bit of background: Neon Jung used to be Keaver & Brause (under which name he remixed Bibio and appeared on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Bubblers comp) and he’s also made some rather lovely tunes with Lone as Kona Triangle. This track we’re gifting to you today (download On Feuer above) is one he made back in his previous incarnation (check the trippy video montage from 2009 below) but it’s only just getting an MP3 airing now. It has an echo of the first half of James Blake’s I’ll Stay to it. Or maybe it’s the other way round.

Speaking of vintage (in internet years) beats, keep an eye on Lone’s Twitter as he recently said he’s “been thinking about putting up bare old stuff (music) of mine to soundcloud”. He kicked off with Perseid Aurora, which he made back in 2004 and very nice it is too.

Neon Jung Just Can’t Leave It Alone/Too Many Facets is released on Magic Wire on 23rd May 2011

Buy Neon Jung’s record on Juno

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