Nathan Micay has written the score for new London banking drama Industry

The HBO/BBC show is set within the world of high-stakes investment banking


Words by: Felicity Martin

Nathan Micay has provided the full original score to a new banking drama titled Industry from HBO & BBC TV.

Industry follows a group of young graduates competing for a limited number of permanent positions at fictional London bank Pierpoint & Co., experiencing the “exhilarating” world of international finance in the process.

The first episode of was guest-directed by Lena Dunham, and the show has earned five-star reviews in the Guardian and The Independent.

Of the project, Micay said: “My catalogue is best known for dance records, but since 2016 I’ve enjoyed quietly extending into score work for friends shorts and a feature. My goal in music has always been to reach for a cinematic quality. Circumstances aligned nicely then, when the title track to ‘Blue Spring’ showed up on the radar of the Industry show runners, who cut a screen test to the track.

“The timing of everything coincided with a year of cancelled touring and forced attention to working on this score – which is something I’ve greatly enjoyed. It’s been one of the greatest honours to have the confidence of HBO and production company Badwolf behind me, while I chart a road less travelled, in this modern series.”

Today LuckyMe release the main theme from the show, titled ‘Industry’ – a widescreen electronic composition evocative of ‘the city’.

Watch the official trailer for the show below.

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