Angola in “serious” shock, as his promoter gets kidnapped for Nas’s no-show

Promoter Patrick Allocco claims to have been held for ransom after the rapper failed to appear at a NYE party in Angola.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Guardian reports that rapper Nas is today refusing “to shoulder the entirety of the blame” for the kidnap of his promoter after he failed to turn up to a gig he was booked to play on New Year’s Eve.

Nas and fellow rapper Jemiah Jai were each paid $310,000 in advance to play the show in south-west Africa, which was organised by Patrick Allocco’s AllGood Entertainment . However, neither artist boarded their flight.

Unfortunately for Allocco, this error allegedly resulted in him and his son being kidnapped at gunpoint. The US Embassy have since stepped in and moved the concert promoter to an Angolan hotel room, where he has been talking about his experience on Twitter. “What a way to start the new year – abducted in Angola at gunpoint with my son, terrorized during 3 interrogations and held for 6+ hours” reads one tweet.

Allocco added, “While we are being held in Angola … rap artist Nas was partying in South Beach with Lebron James.”

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