Mumdance announces release of Turbo Mitzi and gives away RinseFM show downloads

Tectonic Recordings will release Mumdance's recent collaborations with Pinch and Logos as a white label in September.


Words by: Natalie /

Mumdance has shared a year’s worth of streams and downloads from his RinseFM shows, celebrating his residency over the past year.

The London-based producer initially started covering slots in late 2013, but was given his more permanent fixture on the wireless in August 2014. For those who aren’t awake between 01:00-0:300 every second Monday of the month, the sets are now available to hear on Mumdance’s Soundcloud account. Speaking about the collection, Mumdance said:

“I’ve been doing cover shows on Rinse FM since late 2013 but was given an official slot in August 2014. Since then I’ve really been working hard to build a culture around what I’m doing, making sure I have the freshest exclusive dubs and making sure I highlight some of the most interesting music from around the world.

“I grew up religiously listening to John Peel, and he has not only been hugely influential on shaping my music tastes but is also a big influence on how I conduct my radio show. I wanted my show to conjure both a mood and a narrative, and I’ve tried my best to incorporate dynamics and contrast; playing music for the dance floor, but also music to make you think.

“More than anything, radio has always been a big part of my life, and it's been a pleasure to build my own little corner of it. I hope this is the first anniversary of many.”

Mumdance’s bevy of material emerges alongside his collaboration with Pinch and Logos for a single release on Tectonic Recordings. The white label serves as a double A-side release, with Mumdance and Pinch’s Turbo Mitzi (retitled ‘Double Barrelled Mitzi') and Pinch’s ‘VIP mix’ of Mumdance and Logos’ Legion.

Double Barrelled Mitzi/Legion (Pinch’s VIP mix) is out 4th September through Tectonic Recordings (pre-order).