Mugwump – Until You’re Worth It (feat. Mungolian Jet Set and Ost & Kjex)

After over a decade releasing club tracks, Belgian house producer Mugwump announces his debut album 'Unspell'. Stream its first single, featuring Mungolian Jet Set and Ost & Kjex.


Mugwump has been releasing music for about a decade now, having put out house records on esteemed labels like Kompakt, Throne of Blood, R&S Records, and Endless Flight, and produced some undisputable classics in the process. 

Still, the Belgian producer has never released an album, but that changes in 2015 with 'Unspell', due via his own label Subfield in March. Although informed by his two decades of DJing and making club tracks, the album really sees Mugwump recrafting pop in his own image. Case in point: new single Until You're Worth It is an oddball funk jam, drafting in Norwegian weirdo disco dudes Päl Nyhus (Mungolian Jet Set) and Tore Gjedrem (Ost & Kjex) on vocals.

Mugwump 'Unspell' tracklist:

01. After They Fall (feat. Circlesquare)
02. Doobie Shine Troube (feat. Raphael Lee)
03. Halo (feat. Luke Jenner)
04. Lurline
05. Memento Lies
06. Until You're Worth It (feat. Mungolian Jet Set and Ost & Kjex)
07. Breakdown (feat. Sami "Morpheus" Birnbach)
08. A Quarter Heart Left
09. School's Out (feat. Von Spar)

Subfield/!K7 release 'Unspell' on March 22nd 2015 (pre-order).

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