Mssingno – XE2

Out-of-body dance music from an incredible new producer.


Chopping up R&B vocal samples and matching them to dance rhythms is the oldest trick in the book (or at least as old as Todd Edwards is), and by this point in time you'd be forgiven for not wanting to hear another repitched Aaliyah sample in your life. Even so, when you come across a producer who just has such a distinct sampling technique, such a clear knack for their arrangement, and such an ear for finding the right sounds, it can knock the socks right off your feet.

Mssingno works with samples in an incredible way, something we learnt when we hosted his all-original production mix yesterday. He seems to understand that language and lyrics aren't necessarily important – it's all about how the words are said. On XE2, Missingno transforms his samples to sound like they're the most heartbroken words, sung with the most intense of emotions. But really, they've just been arranged so that it's a bunch of nonsensical sounds, no different to a babbling child. In that way, it recalls something like Heartbroken, but really, XE2 occupies its own space. Like an out-of-body experience on the dancefloor.

Goon Club Allstars will release the 'Mssingno' EP on November 18th 2013.

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