Mr. Mitch – Bethlem Royal

Stream the highly-strung lead track from producer's new EP.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Prolific and capable of producing surprises, Mr. Mitch’s new EP ‘Mind Machine’ sees him dip further into the murky waters of popular, contemporary Southern hip-hop (that’s a long-winded way to try to avoid using the troublesome signifier “trap”) in a couple of tracks.

Going for distinct sonic qualities rather than flaky decorations like gunshots or Trap-a-holics drops, he manages to synthesise it with his grime roots well. It’s particularly evident in Bethlem Royal – a cut made up of sparse, tentative drums, tense strings and a gauzy vocal sample with a rasp that quickly turns from pretty to sinister and unsettling.

Mr. Mitch – Bethlem Royal by Slit Jockey Records

The ‘Mind Machine EP’ was released by Slit Jockey on the 5th of November.

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