Mr. Beatnick – ‘Savannah’ EP

Mr. Beatnick dives deep on his lovely, often beautiful new EP.


As can be learnt from his Dummy mix (one of our favourites of the year in fact), Stoke Newington boy Mr. Beatnick is a darn good DJ, appearing on many a line-up across the capital and rocking a party with end-to-end deep cuts. Slightly less talked about is his work as a producer. His sporadic releases over the years have been solid machine funk that tackle house music with a hip hop producer’s mindset, a trend that continues on his new ‘Savannah’ EP. There’s electro (Blue Dreams), there’s rave (Parallax Scroll), there’s jacking house (Savannah) and then there’s the EP highlight Symboioses, a warm house track with eye-wateringly beautiful string samples bang in the middle. A lot of variety, then, but it all sounds like Mr. Beatnick, and that’s the most important thing. Hat tip to Hyponik for the premiere.

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