More posthumous Pop Smoke albums are in the works

A new project with 808 Melo, Rico Beats and AXL Beats is coming


Words by: Billy Ward

Pop Smoke’s manager, Steven Victor, has confirmed that more posthumous albums from the rapper are on the way.

The 20-year-old was shot and killed in a home invasion shooting back in February, with his posthumous debut album ‘Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon’ dropping earlier this month.

Virgil Abloh’s original artwork for the album received a wide array of online backlash from fans, before being changed in the final week running up to the release.

Now, replying to a fan’s comment on an Instagram post celebrating the rapper’s birthday, Steven Victor has revealed that there is more Pop Smoke music to be expected.

“I don’t wanna seem needy but is there gonna be more posthumous pop smoke albums?” one fan asked.

Victor confirmed that there would be more music from the rapper, stating: “There will be. Also a project pop, melo, axl & ricobeats were working on” – referring to a joint record with 808 Melo, AXL Beats and Rico Beats.

Earlier this month, four people were charged with the murder of the rapper, two of which could be eligible for the death penalty due to the “special circumstance allegation” in which the killing occurred.

The investigation is ongoing.

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