Moony – Seven EP

Preview the upcoming EP from the garage-y grime DJ and producer.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Moony is a grime guy who loves 2-step and released an EP called ‘I’m a UK G’ at the end of last year with a cracking title track that has the rare power to barge every other consideration out of its path when it comes on.

His latest ‘Seven’ EP is introduced by the expansive Grand Opening but the other three tracks are full of that unmistakable shuffle and swing. The Zone and TNT are differently accented but similarly smart dancefloor killers, and Seven itself is a sutured and more melancholic take on Moony’s trademark sound; a crowning demonstration of his refined but adaptable palette. An extended preview of the ‘Seven’ EP can be streamed below and a digital download will be released by Gobstopper Records on the 9th November.

Moony – Seven EP [GOB007] by Gobstopper Records

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