Moiré lines up debut album ‘Shelter’ for Werkdiscs

The elusive house and techno deconstructionist announces his debut LP for Actress' label - stream new track No Gravity now.


Werkdiscs – the label set up by Darren Cunningham, aka Actress – are set to release 'Shelter', the debut album from elusive house and techno deconstructionist Moiré.

The announcement comes hot off the release of recent single BBOY 202 (which, strangely, doesn't feature on 'Shelter'), and comes with a fittingly vague abstract. "The title 'Shelter' describes the listener’s perception and subsequent emotional response to a collection of sounds and motifs," reads a press release, "If Moiré’s past releases provided fragments of his overall concept, ‘Shelter’ highlights his vision in its entirety, bringing themes from his earlier productions together with newer elements to form a complete concept. It finds Moiré experimenting outside traditional patterns to create something unexpected and raw, dynamic yet immediate, inciting us to engage in the experience both on a musical and physical level."

The press release goes on to say a lot of other stuff using phrases like "perceptual experience" and "interaction of the minutiae", but the main thing you need to take home is that this will be an album of psychedelic techno tracks with strange shapes layered in such a way to form complex, ever-changing patterns.

There's a new track streaming right now called No Gravity. Peep the artwork below, but try not to stare at it for too long if you want your eyes function properly.

'Shelter' tracklist:

01. Attitude
02. Dali House (feat. Bones)
03. Elite
04. Hands On
05. Infinity Shadow
06. No Gravity
07. Stars
08. Rings (feat. Charlie Tappin)
09. Mr Figure

Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune release 'Shelter' on August 18th 2014 (pre-order).

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